A global channel on the nautical, maritime and coastal lifestyle

Maremecum is a transversal platform specialising in coastal tourism, experiences on the coast, training in nautical sports and culture of the sea.

Simbiosys has made a commitment to this project in which it is putting work and economic investment, to create an international reference channel.

What we provide

  • Branding
  • Graphic design
  • Web design
  • Incubation
  • Investment
  • Marketing materials
  • Naming
Simbiosys is responsible for the naming and brand design of Maremecum.
Application of the brand in marketing materials created by Maremecum

Exclusive and quality content

Maremecum contains complete, exclusive, contrasted and top quality information for all audiences.

Maremecum is for everyone who wants to enjoy the coastline, from land or sea.

Simbiosys invests in and promotes this project led by Miguel Ángel Álvarez Alperialso known as "The Playologist. Miguel has spent the last 25 years of his life professionally exploring the national and international coastline (Portugal, Italy, France, Croatia, etc.) by land, sea and air; mapping, photographing, filming and writing in-depth reports.

It has to its credit 12 successful coastal guidesten of them published as author and editor, and another two as author, some of which have become the best-selling guide in shops such as Amazon and El Corte Inglés, becoming the best-selling title in Mallorca and Menorca.

One of Maremecum's objectives is to promote environmentally responsible awareness and behaviour.

Miguel has more than 10,000 miles sailed He has travelled extensively along the coastline with all types of boats, as a scout and as an expert in yacht charters and mega-yachts.

An international, multi-device, multi-platform channel

Thanks to its international vocation, the combined experience of Miguel, directing and validating the creation of content, and Simbiosys in the design and development of this type of global information channels, Maremecum will undoubtedly become the most influential global channel for nautical, marine and coastal lifestyle enthusiasts.