HBIM - Smart Heritage

HBIM is a platform for the implementation of the BIM philosophy in the world of historical heritage.

A tool that enables comprehensive management of the "as built" of a historic building or archaeological site. Including materials, deformations, damp, restoration projects...

All this from a Web3D environment in the cloud. A change in the paradigm of the management of this type of cultural assets.

What we provide

  • Branding
  • PPP development
  • Web design
Brand building

Brand design

Simbiosys has designed the brand for the product that changes the paradigm of Historical Heritage Management, adapting it to the times, a 21st century solution.

HBIM website

Web design

The website explaining the product and its modules, giving access to the cloud application.

HBIM application modules

Cloud solution

HBIM.app is a 100% Cloud solution. Access the information and 3D model of any historical asset from anywhere, via a web browser.