Web design and development for Kirleo, a benchmark in online training.

What we provide

  • Web/App development
  • Diseño de UX/UI
  • Web/App Maintenance
  • Tailor-made programming

Simbiosys designs and develops the new customised website for KirleoGAM Training is involved in this project, in collaboration with Rooter, a renowned global firm specialising in online training.

A project that was born out of the need to provide users with a improved user experience, access to up-to-date content, enhanced security, and device and browser compatibility.

A technological challenge which encompasses web development tasks and online training platform, administrative management, courses, training actions, as well as UX/UI design work.

A solution tailored to Kirleo's needs, to create an online educational platform, with a presence in more than 70 training centres in Spain, Portugal, Morocco and Latin America.

A multi-site, multi-domain platform, now available in 5 languages.

Unlimited training offer

In-depth analysis, redesign and careful planning of content to provide the most effective current training trends in both online and face-to-face modalities.

A platform that allows learners to access a variety of content from any device and operating system.

It promotes the training and certification of professionals in various industrial sectors from anywhere in the world.

Descubre más proyectos donde somos especialistas y expertos en Moodle.

Development and management of a complex web platform

It offers a varied experience through effective planning and management to ensure that each site meets its specific objectives.

Allows the centralised management and efficient management of multiple sites from a single administration interface. It simplifies the process, reduces infrastructure costs and facilitates coordination between different websites.

The portal has a back-end, where the content of courses and users is managed, as well as calls for applications, for all the countries where Kirleo is active.

An international platform

Special attention has been paid to the markup of the HTML code in order to apply the best possible SEO international.

In addition, it is available in multiple languages to meet the training needs of a wide range of global audience.

Design and interface

A design based on Kirleo's corporate graphic line in which we have worked in depth to create dynamic and eye-catching pieces, from the iconography to the design of forms, including headers and highlights. 

A graphic development that gives the whole website a clean image with accessibility as a priority.