The fastest technology for managing expense claims

The ultimate mobile application for manage y control your professional expenses no paperwork, no mistakes, no hassle. Snapshot y digital.

What we provide

  • Branding
  • PPP development
  • UX Design
  • Web design
  • Incubation
  • Investment
  • Marketing materials
  • Naming

Creation of the MVP

Simbiosys invested in Okticket as part of the founding team and incubating the project in its facilities. In addition to the namingthe brand designthe web and the marketing materialsour development team, created the minimum viable product (MVP) The project was implemented and the infrastructure was deployed to get it up and running by the product launch date. Incubating the company and assisting in the training of the technical team of the start-up itself.

Creating visual impact

We have designed from scratch the entire graphic image The okticket brand, creating a recognisable visual language to reflect in a clear way all the meaning that the brand represents.

Definition and concepts to find the visual identity that uniquely reflects okticket's objective.

A modern and functional application

Our main objectives were that the interface and the user experience to discover in a way that would intuitive all its functionalities.

Interface design for the okticket mobile application
Evolution of ideas towards today's brand building
Evolution of ideas towards today's brand building