Online training with Virtual Reality and 3D Web

Simbiosys leads the consortium of companies developing this solution for Virtual Reality training of ship inspectors for the European Maritime Safety Agency, EMSA. A multi-device and multi-user immersive training solution, with 3D Web and VR technologies, compatible with e-Learning platforms.

What we provide

  • Web/App development
  • Diseño de UX/UI
  • Web/App Maintenance

Authoring tools

VRESI allows Agency trainers to define complete inspection exercises by configuring environmental conditions, scenarios, ships and objects.

Herramientas de autor de VRESI
VRESI includes authoring tools to define exercises in a simple and intuitive way.

VRESI undoubtedly represents a milestone in the use of this type of training for learning inspection procedures in the maritime sector. It is accessible to the more than 40,000 inspectors working in EMSA-related organisations across Europe.

Formación práctica con Realidad Virtual

Multi-device and multi-user

The solution implemented by the consortium provides a web viewer and a VR viewer, allowing one or more users to perform an exercise together, communicating with each other and interacting with the environment simultaneously.