Web Foundation. Helping to bridge the global digital divide

A unique, international project of which we at Simbiosys are particularly proud.

Simbiosys provides design, development and maintenance services for the Web Foundation's portals and systems, the foundation created by Sir Tim Berners Lee, the father of the Web. to fight against the inequalities generated by the technological gap in the world.

A project that places Simbiosys at the forefront of web design and development on an international level.

What we provide

  • PPP development
  • UX Design
  • Web design
  • Support and maintenance
Web Foundation web portal

Design of the foundation's portal

Simbiosys has designed the Foundation's main portal and the portals of some of the most relevant indexes generated from the organisation's studies, such as the Open Data Barometer, a study that measures the degree of implementation of open data policies in different countries around the world, and the Affordability Index, which reports the degree of ease of access to connectivity and new technologies in developing countries.

Foundation portals and data browsers

A4Ai and Open Data Barometer

In addition to the Foundation's main portal, Simbiosys has designed and developed project portals such as the Affordability index, a project of the Foundation that measures how accessible technology and internet connectivity is, both in economic and technical terms, in developing countries, and the Open Data Barometer, which for years measured the degree of implementation of open data in most countries in the world, as a measure of transparency and quality information to their citizens.