Simbiosys, Signal Software y UbiqWare Studio han diseñado y desarrollado PATH2REALITY, una plataforma que facilita la formación práctica inmersiva en escenarios virtuales 3D.  Una herramienta en la nube, multi-dispositivo, multi-usuario, con tecnologías Web 3D y VR, compatible con plataformas e-learning. Una solución desarrollada por expertos en simulación, tecnologías de formación online y desarrollo de plataformas […]

Fidery is a platform for customer loyalty. It establishes a communication channel between customers and businesses. Its first version is aimed at vehicle dealerships. A Simbiosys bet following the success of the solution provided for Adarsa, one of the largest Mercedes-Benz dealerships in the Iberian Peninsula. Platform for [...]

The ultimate mobile app to manage and control your business expenses with no paperwork, no errors, no hassle. Instant and digital. Creation of the MVP Simbiosys invested in Okticket as part of the founding team and incubated the project in its facilities. In addition to the naming, brand design, website and marketing materials, our team [...]