Simbiosys designed the web portal for the Madrid Assembly as part of a contract between the Assembly and the IT multinational Satec. An in-depth UX work for an institutional website that has become one of the best in the country in terms of organisation, clarity and simplicity. The process of [...]

A unique, international project of which Simbiosys is particularly proud. Simbiosys provides design, development and maintenance services for the portals and systems of the Web Foundation, the foundation created by Sir Tim Berners Lee, the father of the Web, to fight against the inequalities generated in the world by the Internet.

Simbiosys is a founding partner of this company, which has provided technology and design solutions to ski resorts around the world. From software for the integrated management of Ski Resorts, to official games, through to solutions for 3D and paper maps. International presence Tech4snow has had among its clients some of the world's leading ski resorts, including [...]

The ultimate mobile app to manage and control your business expenses with no paperwork, no errors, no hassle. Instant and digital. Creation of the MVP Simbiosys invested in Okticket as part of the founding team and incubated the project in its facilities. In addition to the naming, brand design, website and marketing materials, our team [...]